Past Life Reading

VictorianGirlWe have all lived a number of Past Lives, we may be totally unaware or them or we may experience feelings of deja-vu, meeting someone for the first time & feeling as if we have met before or we have known them for a lifetime already, visiting a place we know we have not been to before but feeling that it is very familiar or a sense of belonging & feeling 'at home'. Past Lives can have both positive & negative effects on our current lives, awareness of Past Lives can help us to understand these effects & help us to deal with them in a positive way. If you would like to know more about your own Past Lives but feel cautious about experiencing them for yourself or you have tried to be regressed in the past & feel that it was unsuccessful a Past Life reading could help you to feel more confident & give you more information.

Past Life Regression.  If you would like to experience your Past Lives for yourself I can enable you to unlock your past life experiences. Past Life experiences are incredibly healing as well as informative. You will experience your Past Life in a safe & relaxed environment & may find that many previously unanswered questions are now answered.

I am not a qualified hypnotherapist, the method I use is similar to guided meditation.