Tarot Readings

DSC000321A Tarot reading with me involves me looking at your energy, the energy of those around you & the spiritual energy around you. I can see your Chakra & Aura energy & what is going on in your life, past, present & future. I use the cards as a focus whilst connecting with spiritual energy & work on many levels enabling me to look at what is affecting your life, what may happen in the future, how you can help yourself, your Past Life connections with people & how they may be affecting the present, communications from spirit around you, your guides, loved ones who have passed & any insight & guidance that is deemed to be important to you & relevant at the time. I will generally look at everyday practical and emotional topics including home, work, family, relationships, finances, love & health. Often your own spiritual connections and development will come up. Sometimes a reading will be conducted almost completely by a family member or loved one who has passed over but mostly the information comes from various sources in the form of words, pictures, feelings & sense.  

Telephone readings work in the same way, I connect with your energy & can pick up just as much information as with a face to face reading.

I also offer readings via Skype, FaceTime, Messenger or WhatsApp or Zoom if you prefer.

At my home or via telephone, readings can be recorded onto a file which is emailed to you, or you are welcome to record onto your own mobile device if you prefer. 

To book a reading with me or to discuss your requirements please contact me on 01460 66318 or 07941 168032 or email me via this website. 

If you are planning a visit to Glastonbury you can see me for any of my readings or healing sessions in a lovely therapy room within the Glastonbury Holiday Homes courtyard. If you would like to arrange a session  with me in Glastonbury please call me on one of the numbers above, booking in advance is essential, please try to give as much notice as possible so that I can secure the room. Charges are £70 for an hour or £45 for 30 minutes.