House Clearance

House Clearance is the removal of negative energy & calming of spiritual activity in your home. If you are concerned about the atmosphere in your house, hear noises or voices, feel temperature fluctuation, have seen movement or figures, feel that your own energy levels, moods or emotions appear to be affected then it could be that you have a spiritual entity in your home.

The age of the home is immaterial, you could have a newer home built on an ancient site where there were previous dwellings or activities, your home may have been part of a larger property that has been modernised or converted & these things can all cause confusion or upset to previous occupants. There may have been unhappy events that occurred on the site & spirits may need to be reunited with loved ones. If a spirit energy is in & around your home it is possible that the situation that person found themselves in could repeat itself & patterns can form affecting several generations or occupants of the property, it is therefore important to break patterns & heal the past in order to clear the present & the future.  

I will identify both positive & negative spiritual energies, establish the events surrounding them both & ask my own spirit guides how to resolve, remove & reunite where necessary. Awareness is very important when it comes to knowing who or what else shares your home.    

If you feel that the energies are more connected to you personally, I can remove energies & attachments, heal psychic attack & help you to prevent re-occurrence by identifying cause & work out a routine to clear negative energy build up.