Cord Cutting

Cord cutting allows us the freedom to move forward in our lives. Everyone we meet, have a relationship with & every situation we find ourselves in involves a connection of our own energy & someone or somewhere else's. We often maintain these connections or cords even after the relationship or situation ends, not always of our own doing, it can be that the other party maintains the cords because they wish to hold on to a part of your energy or wish to maintain the emotional connection between you & in worst cases maintain some form of control.

In cutting the cords you are allowed to be free from that relationship on a spiritual level, protecting you from reconnection of the cords & that in turn asists the emotional & mental feeling of freedom & allows you to move forward. Cord cutting should be done when you particularly feel that you are unable to move forward with relationships or feel your life is blocked in some way.

Cord Cutting is done in a relaxed environment or can be done absently.