Past Life Healing

The Past Lives we have experienced are deeply buried within our spirit or soul. We hold on to those memories & experiences on a deeply subconscious level & in the same way as they can help us to recognise members of our soul group these Past Life experiences can affect our present lifetime. If you feel that your Past Life or Past Lives may be affecting you in this lifetime & you would  like to heal that energy & allow yourself to live more fully in your present lifetime then Past Life Healing or Past Life Regression can help you.

Past Life Healing. You do not need to know about your Past Lives to receive Past Life Healing. This process allows the energy of your Past Lives to come through in a safe environment & be healed whilst you relax. Past Life Healing may also involve Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval from the Past Lives. At the end of the session you can choose whether you wish to know about the Past Lives I have connected with.

Past Life Regression. If you would like to experience your Past Lives for yourself I can enable you to unlock your past life experiences. Past Life regression is an incredibly healing as well as informative process. You will experience your Past Life in a safe & relaxed environment & may find that many previously unanswered questions are now answered.

I can also offer Past Life Healing or Past Life Regression in Glastonbury, please contact me for details.