Soul Retrieval

wendy2Soul Retrieval or reconnection restores energy balance & wholeness. From the time of our birth small pieces of our soul or spiritual energy can become left behind during more significant times & experiences.

The little pieces of ourselves that we leave behind in unhappy experiences or unpleasant situations are brought back to us & reconnected with our soul energy allowing us to become more 'whole' again, the bits of our soul we leave in happy memories & good times are left exactly where they are & not touched because we need these to form positive bonds & maintain the good memories. We also send out parts of our energy into the future, when it is something to look forward to like a holiday, that is a good connection but when something involves worry & stress this all helps to deplete our energy, so the negative connections from the future are also returned increasing the sense of well-being & oneness.

Soul Retrieval should be done in a relaxed environment.