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Keep an eye on this page for workshops, development groups & more!

With the current pandemic I will not be offering face to face appointments for the next few months.

I am now on WhatsApp as well as offering readings via Skype, FaceTime & Messenger please contact me for more details.

I have started a blog on Facebook called Jo's Tarot blog (@tarotgirl67) please check it out & 'like' it if you wish. I will be posting a variety of things tarot related & hopefully you will find them interesting & informative. You can ask me tarot related questions & there are some reviews of my readings & sessions on there if you would like to read genuine testimonials. The address in on my links page.

I can now offer any of my readings or healing sessions in a lovely therapy room in Glastonbury in a beautifully tranquil setting not far from the town centre. Booking is required in advance for all sessions. Please contact me for details.

Past Life Workshop - In this workshop we will look at past life regression & past life readings with a view to past life healing.

If you are interested in spiritual development or one to one training please get in touch.

Tarot Workshops & one to one tuition 

Beginners - For anyone interested in Tarot cards, learning to read the cards intuitively, increase confidence & insight into how to use & work with the cards. This is not a day aimed at learning the meaning of each individual card. You will be reading for others & working in pairs & groups.  Bring your own deck if you have one otherwise there will be a choice of decks available to use on the day.
Intermediate - For those already using the cards to read for themselves or friends & family. Further insight into working with the cards, reading them intuitively & connecting with them on a deeper more spiritual level. Looking for signs within the cards to predict time indications & working more closely with the energy of the person who you are reading for. You will be reading for others & working in pairs & groups. Please bring your own deck on the day.
Advanced - For those wishing to work with the cards on all levels. This workshop will take you into all aspects of spiritual, psychic & clairvoyance when working with the Tarot using the cards as your focus. Learning how to connect with the energy of the person you are reading for & how to interpret that information. Recognising the signs to take you into mediumistic connections & give answers to deeper questions. You will be reading for others. Please bring your own deck on the day.
 Osho Zen Workshop - This ever popular contemporary Tarot deck has been around for over a decade, with its bright colourful imagery & modern wording many people find the Osho Zen Tarot easier & clearer to work with than the traditional Tarot. This Tarot workshop concentrates on working with the Osho Zen deck, how to read the cards intuitively & understand the similarities with the traditional tarot cards. Understanding the suits & the significance of the numbers on the cards. This is not a workshop aimed at learning all 79 cards. You will be reading for others & working in pairs & groups on the day. Please bring your Osho Zen Tarot cards with you on the day.